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HarborTouch POS
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Groovv POS
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Groovv Flex

Which Point of Sale System Should I Choose?

If you have asked yourself which point of sale system should I choose, then Trinity Payments may be able to help.  We offer point of sale systems from some of the top POS companies around.  In addition to providing free POS systems to our customers we can also reprogram many other providers such as, Micros, NPC, Aloha, and several others.  Contact a POS specialist today and we can help make the best decision for your business.  

Choosing the right POS system is extremely important for your business


HarborTouch Point of Sale  

Harbortouch POS systems are the best in the industry for Bars, Restaurants, Salons, Consignment Shops, Pizza Parlors,  Bookstores, Retail Shops, Museums, and more.

Total Merchant Services GROOVV

Total Merchant Services currently offers 2 POS systems.  These systems are Tablet based and offer great functionality for small businesses.

Pivotal Payments POS

Pivotal Payments currently offers POS systems for a small fee.  Please contact Trinity Payments for more information on these.

 HarborTouch Echo HarborTouch Elite GROOVV Flex GROOVV POS
Purchase Price  $0.00 $0.00 $99.99 $1395.00
 Monthly Service Fee $39.00 $69.00 $29.00 $39.95
Tablet Based  No   No Yes Yes
 Touch Screen Yes 13.3" Yes 15" YesYes 
 Cash Drawer Yes - Free Yes - Free Yes - Free Yes - Included in Price
 Receipt Printer Yes - Free Yes - Free Yes - Free Yes - Included in Price
 Barcode Scanner Yes - Free Yes Additional Cost $99.00Yes - Additional $220.00 Yes - Additional $220.00 
Customer Display Yes - Free YesYes - Using MPOS  Yes - Built In
 Server Cards10 Free For Restaurants5 Free For Restaurants  No No
 Keyboard and Mouse Yes - FreeNo  NoNo
 Kitchen Video Display Yes - $43.00 Monthly No No No
 Caller ID YesNo  No No
Remote Printers  Yes $165.00 Yes $165.00 No No
 Delivery Driver Tracking Yes No No No
 Bar Tabs Yes No No No
 Cloud Based Reporting Yes Yes Yes Yes
Lifetime Warranty  Yes Yes No No