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Are You Looking For A Merchant Account For Your Clothing Store?

If you are just starting out, or looking to save money on your credit card processing for your clothing store we have a solution for you. We offer low cost credit card processing to clothing stores and always offer free equipment as well. We have 2 different accounts available for your store. We offer interchange plus pricing merchant accounts and also blended pricing merchant accounts. If you need a system to track inventory, reorder supplies, tell you profit and margin, or even track employee hours, then we have a point of sale system for you.  


Interchange Plus For Clothing Stores

Interchange Plus Credit Card Rates for clothing stores

Interchange is a fancy word for cost.  If you choose this plan your statement will look more complicated but you will have the lowest cost possible on credit card processing.  Our interchange plus accounts have a $5.00 monthly fee and charge 0.10% and $0.05 per transaction in addition to standard interchange rates.  While interchange rates vary based on several factors most debit cards are at .05% and $0.23 and credit cards average 1.69% and $0.10.   As with all of our accounts we provide a free credit card terminal.  If an interchange plus account is right for your shop then click the button below to get started.


Blended Pricing For Clothing Stores

Blended Credit Card Pricing for Clothing Stores

Blended credit card pricing for a merchant account is the most popular.  You may pay a little more on debit cards than you would on an interchange plus program but it makes  budgeting for fees predictable.  This type of pricing structure is similar to what square does but at half the rate.  Our blended pricing merchant accounts have a rate of 1.29% and $.05 with a $5.00 monthly Fee.  Best of all we will provide a free credit card terminal so you don't have to ask your customers to pay you on a tablet or smart phone.  If a blended merchant accounts is right for you then click the button below to get started.  

 Interchange Plus Credit Card Pricing Blended Credit Card Pricing
 Debit Card Rate Varies 1.29% 
 Credit Card Rate Varies1.29%
 Monthly Fee $5.00$5.00
 Credit Card Processing Equipment Fees $0.00$0.00
 Credit Card Processing Contract No contract and no cancellation fees No contract and no cancellation fees
 Monthly PCI Fee Free for the first 6 months then $4.95Free for the first 6 months then $4.95

Point of Sale Systems From Trinity Payments and HarborTouch make running your clothing store easier

Harbortouch Point of sale systems for Clothing Stores

HarborTouch Point of Sale Systems are amongst some of the best on the market.  Not only can you keep track of customers, inventory, and cost management, but it even comes with employee cards to keep track of hours.  This point of sale will also include a cash drawer and bar code scanner.  This point of sale system can be customized to fit your needs so you tell us what you need and we will make every effort to make it work for your clothing store.  We also have free devices that allow you to charge your customers at their location if you are selling remotely at fairs or if you are delivering a large order.  By charging them at their location you reduce your costs, spend less time creating invoices, and make certain you get paid quicker.  At this time a point of sale account cannot be applied for online because we do attempt to customize it to your business.  Please call us at (800)903-0639 and we can get your system ordered for you today.

If you are currently processing credit cards fill out this for and we will tell you which merchant account is best for you.