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Free Processing Fees Are Here

0% Credit Card Processing Rates

In today's day and age every processor claims to have the lowest cost in credit card processing. Do any of them offer to get rid of your bill altogether?   Trinity Payments is excited to announce that we now offer credit card processing at 0.00%.  You simply sign up for our cash discount program and we charge a pre determined amount to your customers when they use their card.  You can choose to charge them a discount rate or a flat dollar amount based on your business type.  


How Does This Program Work?

This program simply charges a surcharge to your customers.  Your Trinity Payments sales professional will sit down with you and determine what rate needs to be charged to ensure you do not have any fees.  When your customer provides their credit card to you, you tell them there is a fee to process their card.  When you run the card, our machine automatically charges the pre determined fee to your customer.   


Is Cash Discount Pricing Right For Your Business?

States Where Surcharges Are Banned

If your business is in any of the listed states here, then you cannot use this program.  If not, and you want to stop paying high credit card processing fees, then this is perfect for you.

What Equipment Is Needed To Process Credit Cards For Free?

VX520 Free Credit Card Processing Fees

Trinity Payments is happy to provide a VeriFone VX520 for free with this program. 

Process credit cards through IP or Dial and even surcharge customers so you never receive a bill for credit card processing fees again.


Charges For This Account Type

 Merchant Terminal Free
 Monthly Fee $10.00
 Processing Fees 0.00%
 Processing Per Item $0.00
 PCI $4.95
 Free Supplies and Maintence $12.95 Optional

This product is currently not available to residents of Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts, New York, Oklahoma, or Texas.