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Trinity Payments Offers Mobile Credit Card Processing At Half The Price Of The Competition

Tired of paying ridiculous rates and per item charges. How about not being EMV compliant which opens your company up to liability and chargebacks? We offer 2 mobile payment choices that work with your existing cell phone or tablet and best of all the rates are nearly half of Square.

MGroovv Mobile Processing
Mobile Payment Processing With MGroovv
Mobile Payment Processing Through Total Merchant Services

Key mPOS Hardware & Setup Features:

  • Magstripe credit/debit card reader
  • 2.4” Color LCD display screen
  • Backlit, easy-punch keys
  • Built-in Near Field Communication (NFC) for Apple Pay, etc.
  • EMV chip card reader
  • Bluetooth connection to your smartphone
  • App downloaded from Google Play or iTunes App Store
  • Email receipts
  • Access to full online payments suite
  • Payment device size: 4.9” long X 2.7” wide X 0.6” thick

Similar to Square but cheaper
HarborPay Mobile Processing

Key Features For HarborPay Square Alternative    

  • Free setup
  • Lower rates than square
  • Get your money in just 1 day
  • App Downloaded for all major phones including, Apple, Android, and Windows
  • Online reporting
  • Optional BlueTooth printer
  • Very easy to use
  • Email Receipts
  • Safe and secure
  • Easy setup process just call 800-903-0639


Qualified Debit and Credit Card Rate

Non Qualified (Key Entered 


Equipment Cost

Monthly Fee

EMV Compliant

Payment Type   

Best For   

Online Application

Cheaper than square
Square Merchant Services


3.5% + $0.15



For an Extra Cost of $29.00

Net You Process $100.00 They Pay You $97.75

Very Small Merchants Processing Less Than $1500.00 a Month


HarborPay Alternative to Square


2.79% + $0.15% 




Gross- Process $100.00 Get $100.00

Any Merchant Processing More Than $1500.00 a Month

Not At This Time

MGroovv alternative to square


2.98% + $0.30



Yes - No Extra Fee

Gross- Process $100.00 Get $100.00

Larger Merchants Looking For EMV, And A Mobile POS System