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Credit Card Processing For Food Truck Operators 

We love food trucks!  Thats why we provide the lowest cost on credit card processing for food trucks throughout the country.  Stop using your overpriced mobile credit card readers.  We provide free Point of Sale systems for food trucks that can process credit cards, control inventory, handle accounting, and much more.  With our rates you can save more than 50% over Square

Credit Card Processing Pricing For Food Trucks

Credit Card Rate  Debit Card Rate Monthly Fee Equipment ChargesRisk of Breaking Your Cell Phone Printable Receipts 
Square  2.75% 2.75 $0.00Varies up to $49.00  Yes No
 Payment Jack Alternative to Square 1.58% .58% $5.00 $0.00Yes  No
 Point of Sale Systems 1.63% .63%$10.00  $99.00 Setup No Yes
Wireless Terminals  1.63%.63%  $15.00 $0.00 No Yes