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Merchant Accounts Provided By Trinity Payments

There are several questions you should ask a merchant service provider.  The most common one everyone we hear is what is your rate?  While rate is important, and we guarantee the lowest anywhere, it is not everything.  Several companies today charge monetary charges that can destroy a small businesses bottom line.  They also may charge large Per Item Fees / Transaction Fees that will hurt a business if they have a small average ticket.  The job of Trinity Payments is to find the best merchant service provider for your business.  Our companies offer Interchange plus pricing, blended pricing, bundled pricing, and tiered pricing on merchant accounts.  

When you work with Trinity Payments we work with your employees to make certain they are running cards properly.   If a card is ran the wrong way, several companies can charge 2%-4% in surcharges.   Often times this surcharge can be reduced or eliminated with proper training and the proper merchant account provider.  

What Kind Of Merchant Accounts Does Trinity Payments Offer?


If you are unsure what type of merchant account you want please provide some information and one of our local merchant service reps will contact you.