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Why You Should Choose Trinity Payments For Credit Card Processing

Trinity Payments shops for the lowest rates, best services, and equipment for your business needs.  We understand how frustrating the merchant processing/credit card processing industry can be.  That is why we have vendors that offer the lowest rates, free equipment, no contracts, and even free POS systems through Harbortouch Pivotal Payments, NAB, EPX and Total Merchant Services.  

Trinity Payment's sales professionals all work in your local community.  Since they live and work in your community they know other business owners who may be able to help your business to save money on other business needs.  Our merchant processing professionals, are all highly skilled and networking in the community and can help introduce you to new sales opportunities.

Customer Service Promise From Trinity Payments Credit Card Processing

Trinity Payments makes customer service our number one priority.  If you currently process credit cards with one of our competitors, chances are you do not know you merchant services representative.  If you choose Trinity Payments to handle your merchant services needs, you will be assigned a local merchant services professional that will get to know you and your business.  We will help you to save money on your credit card processing costs but also take the time to learn your business and help you to find new ways to process cards that will save you money.  

After your account is setup our high level of service continues.  Our merchant service professionals will occasionally check in on you to see if you have any questions or need anything.  In addition we provide 24/7 customer support for all of our merchant customers.   Your local merchant service professional will also provide their cell phone to you if you need immediate local support.  

Trinity Payments Started Credit Card Processing In Bentonville Arkansas

Trinity Payments may have started in Bentonville Arkansas be we are happy to service all 50 states.  We were started by Jeff Walker of Bentonville Arkansas who still lives there with his wife and 3 kids.  As a family owned company we understand the pressures of running your own business and can help by reducing them.  

We offer Credit Card Processing For Several Types of Businesses

What Are Our Credit Card Processing Rates?

While our rates vary a typical debit card can be as low as .10% and $0.23.  Credit card rates can vary as most of our customers choose to setup an interchange plus pricing structure.  This interchange plus pricing provides the lowest overall cost on credit card processing that you can find anywhere.  If you want to know specific rates for your industry click on the merchant account that best fits your needs.

We now also offer $0.00 fee accounts.  By using one of these merchant service accounts your charge your customers a preset amount or percentage and eliminate your credit card processing fees.  To learn more about these accounts click here

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